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"CATERING DÜNYASI", which started to provide catering service in 2016, is proud of serving the world cuisine to its customers with its expert staff and perfect service. With the today’s changing taste experience direction, we offer the world cuisine to our customers. Our team always keeps customer satisfaction in the foreground and with the idea of solution oriented approach, works to become an indispensable catering brand "CATERING DÜNYASI".

Cocktail Prolonged
In all kinds of personal, corporate invitations and organizations, besides your drinks, we can increase cold and hot food additions to our cocktail menus.

The menu concept that combines breakfast and lunch is a preferred alternative to organizations such as weekend and long-term promotional activities.

Lunch Box
A little box ... The most practical way to eat is through the Lunch Box full of flavor.

Special days

  • Catering services for wedding organizations,
  • Engagement organization catering service,
  • Circumcision organization catering service,
  • Birthday party,
  • New Year's party,
  • We provide catering services on graduation days and opening ceremonies.