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Obviously the language barrier is one of the major issues. There are many situations where there is miscommunication or misunderstanding. If you hear a lot of giggling during a conference or a discussion then you know there is a problem there and sometimes it is better to actually not say anything and just wait, or use analogies to explain something. It is also extremely important to not point fingers and to not give blame to someone for making a mistake here. It’s extremely important to not show anger or any sort of emotion, to not raise your own voice and to maintain ‘face’ because maintaining and losing face here are extremely central things. If you lose your face you can’t get it back - you only have one!

In the first weeks of your arrival we will be supporting you on these details. Our sister company Teachers Global Professional Counseling education team will make it quicker for you to find your way out in Turkey.

  • Cultural orientation and basic Turkish specialist
  • English speaking trainers for kids & adults
  • Academic teachers for kids
  • Translators for travels & office environment